~~The first face of love~~

His love is incomparable...!!!
His everlasting and non-exhausting love, poured to human life, that is for the eternity...
Bible says,
For God loved the world so much that, he gave only his son, So that whoever believes in him may not die, but have eternal life.
John 3:16
And in my life too, his this superior love has not only touched or healed me, but it has given me a new dimension to the aspects of my life... From a sick baby to a quite confident man, I have found enormous change through his blessings. Thank you my lord for loving me to that extent!!!
As Like of God, we expect similar Love from the every other people we find. Some love us from their best, Some try to keep us happy through their best, still we find love contradicting to other meaning of life... Sometime, we pray for them, Many times they pray for us, Still, we Find the differences...

Lots of differences in human life and Human love...

So, Here I am going to write my thoughts about Love, glancing Love from the other side, as,

Sunday, July 3, 2011

~~Beauty, that I found on you~~

One day, one of my College friend questioned me, "You love her so much that we all know, what do you see such extra-ordinary in her that you feel no one can replace her place in your life?

one day if she asks you to tell the reason behind your love, what you will reply her?"

I replied my that friend as:

The day she asks me such, i will reply;

"Beauty was not only that what I found on you,

But it was something that I experienced on myself

Something I realized in my life, through your presence

And life started to smile, recalling you, you and only you!!"

What is the real beauty you can experience from someone in your life? you love that person, you care for them and you feel he/she is need of your life. Will meaning of beauty be the same even after that?

Here is my take,poem I've written

Dedicated to that special person of my life,

confessing, the every time i found u in my life, I have found beauty in my life...

~~Beauty, that I found on you~~

One day, I fell in love; I fell in love with someone,

That someone as my friend, more than best friend

Her smile, her voice, her look; all standing for beauty,

Also her PRESENCE, as beauty I had never found earlier,

My search for love halted, coz I found her in my way;

I got her in my dream, my thoughts and in my life,

As my love, as someone, I was waiting since ages...

And beauty remained in my heart, to be my heart

It gave me the moments to smile, with the serenity

Reason to breathe, to live for someone, till eternity

That beauty touched me, to show essence of life

Love is for me, my time and my aim, beauty in my life

Your presence and I found that beauty, as more than help;

Beauty of nature, Beauty of renovation, Beauty in self;

The one which I surely can’t find among rest of globe

Thirst for success, focus on goal, bcoz presence of yours.

The beauty of your presence, the one matters me today most,

Because, they existed in every surrounding, even at my worst;

I love you, for every beauty I found within me, since your arrival

My Prayer, Beauty be with you too, will be with you, till my survival

~~Love you always~~

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