~~The first face of love~~

His love is incomparable...!!!
His everlasting and non-exhausting love, poured to human life, that is for the eternity...
Bible says,
For God loved the world so much that, he gave only his son, So that whoever believes in him may not die, but have eternal life.
John 3:16
And in my life too, his this superior love has not only touched or healed me, but it has given me a new dimension to the aspects of my life... From a sick baby to a quite confident man, I have found enormous change through his blessings. Thank you my lord for loving me to that extent!!!
As Like of God, we expect similar Love from the every other people we find. Some love us from their best, Some try to keep us happy through their best, still we find love contradicting to other meaning of life... Sometime, we pray for them, Many times they pray for us, Still, we Find the differences...

Lots of differences in human life and Human love...

So, Here I am going to write my thoughts about Love, glancing Love from the other side, as,

Fragment of Fragrance

Fragment of fragrance

It was a sweet rose. Yeah, apparently rose are considered to be sweet and they have its own existence in the kingdom of flowers, but even in the presence of beautiful queen and king, they are given that super symbol which plays vital role in the reconciliation of relation.

This time it was a red one, which is given a designation of “symbol of love”. Before this, I had plucked lots of white ones on the initial days, and then as distance of our relation got on decreasing, I transformed my environment to decorate with the color of longest wavelength. She used to love being salaried her presence by red-rose, and so I was addicted of giving this wonderful gift to most beautiful girl of my life. No matter, how sharp were throne below its petal, I never expressed pinch of its point with anyone, just to be pleasured by her smile. Earlier that day, I never expressed any thoughts of getting that small beautiful component nor did I do it that day, because I believed I was accompanied with entire source of beauty in form of my seraph.

That day, her sight was caught by ‘that reddish object’, she herself determined to give it for me. As she went on to pluck it, she was hurt by the sharpies’ throne, and a very indifferent tune was produced from her. By the time, that fragrance producer was already separated from its stem to be crumbled on the ground, still being myself unable to resist her pain; I pressurized that rose (my onetime dearest love post man) to fragment it into pieces. I never objected hundreds of such pain I had faced, but her one small pain, I couldn’t resist it, and since then I never used it, I never plucked it and I never enjoyed its fragrance, just because I never wanted her to feel that pinch even in her dream.

The purpose of writing this incident is not to bore you people again by my uncompleted love story, but here I want to compare my view on the rose with yours…

People say, rose gives happiness, even I have also experienced this on the earlier phase. But the thing which i couldn’t understand it, why it is enriched with throne? If it was with the principle of giving smile to our loved one, even let it be for a mini-second when its throne kisses any part of our body why do it hurt most? Is it that all the people who use rose gets hurt by its throne? Even I was suffered lot from it, I never had any question for its attitude. But why did I start to ignore this universally loved living material? Just, because it had hurt some special person of my life?

I don’t know what you might be thinking to my silly question, but the last one! If u think rose is the symbol of peace and love, will war and quarrel be stopped if we show this rose in front of two enemies?

Yeah, u might be hurried to comment me “as fool” but I have a different type of answer today…

Yes, throne of rose would have never given pain to my girl if she had used it with all her sensitive and care. If she had used it with awareness and if she had asked me the procedure of plucking up flower, she would have never got that pain... Thought that rose is innocent here,still I hate it.

Rose is representative of love, and even of peace. It is accepted by all, still I am among the very few who ignore it because it had given pain to my love. I still hate it because I can’t resist pain observed by my love ones.

Yes, rose is the symbol of love and peace. But it doesn’t mean in its presence, it will stop the war and quarrel in the entire world. It must be human itself who have to be resolute for the peace. It must be themselves who have to choose between war and peace. It must be the human who should choose love and disgust to their neighbors.

Still Either that be on war, or either that be on park of love, this rose will share out heavenly aroma to all from its best
Till its last breath..

above, i might had talked lot about my experience with rose, but I have still not come to my real topic for today. My today’s topic is presence of God. Yeah thinking differs here from person to person. Why pain, war and disaster even in presence of god?

God is not only architect of universe, but I believe he is also one who is with every of us. However be the person, he is with everyone and he loves every of them. He is that bouquet of our life which gives us encouragement and hope of a new day. So even in the presence of those people who listen pop and rock music to listen early morning, people who concentrate on holy song every day before sun-rise are not less here…

God is love and he is in every of our heart. More than a temple he resides in every of our heart. However temptation may be for us, sometime we resist it thinking it is his plan to make a perfect tea cup, but we get disturbed if our love ones are in pain. The some moment we lost faith just because of that persuasion, and people start ignoring god as I have overlooked rose in my life.

Yes, god is a creator, and he himself has also given the many power to human. It’s on human to decide on war or peace. We can’t blame god for it. Everything he does it for the welfare of human being, but we can’t blame him when a girl is abused or when a person is murdered. We can’t blame him for the poverty, we can’t ask him ‘why different types of disaster on world occurs’?

If a undersized rose can give pain, then if we are not able to recognize god and use him on true way, we get suffering. Holy books we have give us rule and way of living. It bounds us by the circumference of discipline and God and life of the eternity is the reason why many people get their life transferred into the phase of peace and glorifying stage.

Most people think that the presence of god surrounds us by different rules and regulation, but truth is that presence of god gives us freedom in choosing true and false, and because god presence gives us knowledge which helps us in choosing the correct option in needed time.

God is universally accepted, and the ignorance of few people won’t distress his status or it wont dethrone him from his kingdom…

Let god be positioned in your heart, let he be honored and let your testimony of life glorify his name.

If you have not found god in your life till today, taste him once, his presence In your life is much sweeter than honey.

Let this festival give you knowledge and let light you glow these days be helpful to you in choosing best among right and misguided decision in every darkness of your life….

God loves every of us, so he also wants to spread love with everyone in this world. But its your complete decision to how to realize his presence in your life.

No matter how many temptations I am having in my life, but I know, that temptation will be sending much closer towards him, and I will trust him by more belief and faith.

He is the fragrance of my life, and he is the reason why I get confident in every of my positive steps. His presence makes my life worth of living and I proudly can say, ‘I have been blessed by my lord in every of my time”

If you are still fragmenting this rose, remember, even after crushed by you, it shall be still giving you fragrance whether you accept It or not. just similar like the red rose which don't care how is the person, but it still shares it honey with every of us.


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