~~The first face of love~~

His love is incomparable...!!!
His everlasting and non-exhausting love, poured to human life, that is for the eternity...
Bible says,
For God loved the world so much that, he gave only his son, So that whoever believes in him may not die, but have eternal life.
John 3:16
And in my life too, his this superior love has not only touched or healed me, but it has given me a new dimension to the aspects of my life... From a sick baby to a quite confident man, I have found enormous change through his blessings. Thank you my lord for loving me to that extent!!!
As Like of God, we expect similar Love from the every other people we find. Some love us from their best, Some try to keep us happy through their best, still we find love contradicting to other meaning of life... Sometime, we pray for them, Many times they pray for us, Still, we Find the differences...

Lots of differences in human life and Human love...

So, Here I am going to write my thoughts about Love, glancing Love from the other side, as,

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Is Love all about LUST?

Love is all about LUST?

While coming to this random post, I happened to ask myself, Is love all about LUST?

A boy kills her partner in living relation because he finds she is trying to marry someone else.

Isn't Love all about Giving a free will?

Need to ask again, Hope this blog will provoke many to ask such question and help them re-define love.

Article source:- http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/live-in-beau-killed-girl-and-had-sex-with-her-corpse-bindapur/1/360003.html

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